Past Travelers Reviews of our service....I always thought travel agents were for the rich and famous - but now I realize they are for the smart people who don't want to run in circles! Emily W.


It was a fabulous, perfect trip from beginning to end.  Thanks, Louise, so much for helping Melissa so much.  The wedding was gorgeous and perfect!  Wedding perfect and El Dorado Royale was beyond all expectations.  We all loved everything about it and want to return again in a few years.  However, being in an age with cell phones it was kind of difficult to keep up where everyone was, but we adjusted...picked a pool and the beach closest to the pool and that's where we looked for everyone.  The staff, food, service, location, water, beach...fabulous. None of us wanted to leave and I wish I would have stayed another day or two.
What else can say...thank you so much for all you did to make this wedding, this trip fabulous and one for the record books.  You have not heard the last of the our family...going anywhere, you will be the one we call.
With much gratitude and appreciation,
Mikki O.



We had a great time on our trip, the resort (El Dorado Royale) was absolutely fabulous.

The food was great, the service was immaculate, and the scenery was to die for. The only problem I had was of my own volition, I did not meet up with the Olympus Tours rep after I arrived at the resort which resulted in a mad dash to the airport with 90 minutes to spare.

Jesus made sure to call ahead to the airport and an Olympus Tours rep was there on-site to ensure I made it through the ticket counter as quickly as possible. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience and I do plan to visit that resort again, hopefully sooner rather than later.


Kevin D



Just wanted to let you know how our vacation in Montego Bay panned out.  Riu Montego Bay Hotel was pretty, our room had a beach front which was nice. 



The king bed consisted of two double beds pushed together, electricity in room was not working, they had to reset breakers. Safe in closet had to be reprogrammed by security, it would not close for us to set our codes.  Small beach, water was not blue and clear, very dirty and murky, slimy to walk in.

I know this is nothing you could have fixed for us, just wanted to inform you.



Lots of great food, steakhouse was superb, buffets, more than enough to eat, if you were still hungry, shame on you!  Italian restaurant, was more buffet, only a few items on menu to order, but food was delicious. Pool was beautiful!  Can not say enough about the staff, very outgoing, friendly, and very helpful, very polite! Everything was always keep clean, staff working constantly on the grounds.


We took the shopping tour, very scary, but interesting.  The best prices were actually across the street in a strip mall, where the last stop of the tour was.


We took a snorkeling tour from the hotel, better price, but it was really too rough for snorkeling, so it was only okay.


Transportation was on time and efficient.  Check in was easy, but our room was not ready, I took that into consideration, since we arrived early, but we were given our wrist bands and could go get lunch.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Jo Ann & Walter


Dear Louise,

Thank you for all of your help with our cruise.  We had a wonderful time and everything went so smoothly (except the waves).   It was great and Jacob and Luke had a great time too.


Denise L


Mr. Mark and Mrs. Louise,

Matt and I wanted to thank you for your recommendation for us to stay at the Jewel for our honeymoon. We had a WONDERFUL time. The resort was beautiful, the food was delicious and the Jamaican people were awesome! It was the perfect place to begin our married life together. We are already looking forward to our next trip to the Jewel. Thanks again.

Matt and Ashley


Hi Louise and Mark,

Kerry and I have returned from out trip to the Secrets Resort in Punta Cana.  It was a beautiful resort and very friendly staff.  The food and drink were also excellent.  We had two complaints:

Communicating with the staff was sometimes difficult.

The nightly entertainment was not nearly as good as it was at the Beach Palace in Cancun.

Attached is a picture from our balcony room 4376.  It was worth the extra $$.  Louise thanks for sending in the request for our room # and close proximity to the other couples.  They were able to honor it.

Thanks for all of your assistance.  I'll send a couple of other pictures of our stay.

Lisa W


I just wanted to get back to you and let you know that my family and i really enjoyed the NOW Sapphire resort and would recommend it to anyone.  i will say though that b/c i traveled with my children, we would have enjoyed a place more if it had more activities for families instead of just the "Kids Zone" type of thing.  We have bent o Cancun before and we enjoyed that much more when traveling with our kids.  Riviera Maya is more for couples than kids, we think, and didn't find much to do outside of the resort unless it was an excursion.  The place was well cared for and the staff was there to serve - which we loved!  considering it was an "all inclusive", we thought that the food was better than many other all inclusives we have visited in the past.  But definitely more of a resort for couples who want to relax more than anything.  All in all we had a great time just looking forward to experiencing other resorts on our next vacation.  And loved dealing with Louise who got us all we were hoping for with a price we could afford.  thanx

 Karen B


We had a great time! The price we paid for what we got was insane. If I would have booked it, the flight would have cost me what we payed for the whole trip. My fiancé and I are thinking up where we want to go for our honeymoon and as soon as we pick a destination you will be hearing from me again. Thanks again I liked your Facebook page keep up the good work.


Jeremy M


Thank you so much! Our Disney honeymoon was incredible! We loved and enjoyed every minute of it!!

Louise was a fantastic planner!

Thank you for everything!



Hi Mrs. Louise,

Our trip was really nice. It's a different kind of heat down there!  The resort was beautiful and all of the accomodations that you arranged for us were exactly on point!! We told the Resort that the language barrier needed to be improved and they needed more night activities in the Ambar Section of the Resort, like they did in the main Bravada section. Other than that, everything else on part of Magical Vacations was great.

I will definitely travel with you again and will definitely refer people to your Agency

Thanks Mrs. Louise!!

Reshanda S


Hello Mark and Louise!
Yes, we're home and back to reality!!
Overall we had a very nice stay at the Now Larimar.  The food was good majority of the time and actually a lot of the meat (steak and beef) was excellent!  For us being there 12 days, we probably got a little bored with the selections, but I think for anyone staying there for the typical amount of time beteween 5-8 days, there were plenty of choices.
We had a preferred club room which was worth the upgrade to us.  Having a separate pool area and bar was probably the biggest perk because it wasn't so busy as the main pool.  We did have a private butler who helped us out a few times, but overall I think just having access to the separate pool area (and I guess the beach was sectioned off as well), was the biggest perk.
The only real complaint I had was that the beds were hard.  We did ask (and eventually received), a thin layer of padding, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to really help.  So after 11 nights of not sleeping so great and waking up aching back and shoulders, this was really the only reason I was ready to come back home! However Gabe likes the hard bed so I think this just really depends on what everyone is used to sleeping on.
We also got married on-site and have to say that the wedding coordinator we worked with (Cristina) was AMAZING!  She definitely made sure our day was very special and she thought of all the little details that I hadn't.  She helped make our wedding day very memorable for us, as well for all of our guests.
So overall we had a great time, as did all of our guests!  I would certainly consider going back to a Now Larimar property in the future.
Thanks for checking in and appreciate all your help making our wedding a success!
Katie & Gabe


Hi Mark,

We all had a good trip.  Meals were fine.  Resort was fine.  Parks were filled with folks wearing purple and gold... felt like home.

All in all, no complaints.The new Magic Kingdom light show that is projected onto the Castle and includes photos of guests taken at the park that day was phenomenal; I recommend that everyone see that show.  According to one of the cast members, this project system was installed in November.

Thanks,  Tracy


Hi Louise! I'm sorry that it took me so long to get back to you. The trip was awsooooome!!!!

We have so many great memories and we still talk about it. The hotel was great, food too. We enjoyed spending time in each park and were amazed by all of the attractions. It was so much fun and at the end of each day we were exhausted. I enjoyed the break from work and no cooking, no cleaning, etc. I was about to cry when we saw fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. It was so emotional. Actually, all of the atractions were very special to us and we were amazed all the time. We spent so much money and made 500 pictures. Natalia's autograph book is almost full of signatures and the pictures with most of the characters are unforgettable. We enjoyed variety of food in the restaurants that you made a reservation ( especially the ones with character dinner). I really want to thank you for this beautiful deal and I will recommend your business to all of my friends. I'm sure when I will have any money to go for vacation again I will contact you for sure.

Have a Happy New Year, Kinga and Natalia.

P.S. Natalia was so happy that everyone was wishing her Happy Birthday and giving her hugs because she was wearing a Birthday pin all the time.


Thank you.  We had a great trip!!!  We loved it!!  We didn't want to come home!!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we did use all 8 days of our park passes.  We took advantage of the disney extra hours at the parks.  That was great.  The one night at Animal Kingdom, we could stay late, but the majority of the attractions were closed, I think so the animals could get rounded up and fed, etc.  All the Disney cast members were very friendly and helpful.  The kids loved using the autograph books you sent.  They actually got a lot of autographs and pictures, of course. 

That was a perfect week to go....not too busy.  Near the end of the week, we usually just walked on a  lot of the attractions!!!  We saw the majority of all four parks.

I can't really think of how it could be better.  We used all of your reservations, except for the last, since we ended up using a table service another day for breakfast.  I think you booked if perfectly for us.  Chef Mickey's was fantastic!!  Great food for us and the kids and the kids got to jump around and sing, etc while eating, so they loved it. 

I really can't think of how to improve it. 

Thanks again.

Marci and family.


Hi Louise,

Our trip was great! We arrived into Orlando Saturday afternoon and got a room at the Port of Orleans one night early, so we woke up there rather than coming in Sunday afternoon.

I have to say I had a great time the first four days, but by day five I was exhausted. So the following day we headed to the beach for relaxation!

I really enjoyed all of our dinners and would definitely recommend them all:San Angel, Yak & Yeti, Spirit of Aloha, Citricos, and Wolf Gangs. We also loved La Nuba, it was awesome.

Thanks for all of your help planning the trip!!


Louise -

The cruise was amazing and more memorable than I imagined. We have referred several people to you already! I hope they will be in touch. We found out that by booking at the Comfort Suites like you had we saved about $80.00. that was a nice bonus & little secret. 

Taxi's in the bahamas are scary! 

we were a little confused about what to do once we arrived in FL airport it was kind of chaotic but otherwise everything was so smooth and worth every penny. What do you normally add to your gratuity? I felt like I didnt do enough but didnt know what was considered generous?? any input? when we go again I would just like to know what is considered normal - 

And oh yes - we will be going again! I will need a little help with a trip to Samoa next year! My husband is from there and we have never been all together... let me know when the best time to travel there may be...

thanks Louise you are wonderful!

Emily W


Hi Louise,

I'm so sorry it took so long to get back to you.  We have been crazy busy since we got back from Disney.  Disney was wonderful and we can not thank you enough for assisting us.  We absolutely loved the Yachtsmen steakhouse so you were right!  The only restaurants we didn't really care for were Wilderness Lodge and San Angel.  Their food was pretty mediocre and not worth the wait.  We also loved Bistro de Paris.  Their french onion soup was to die for.  The overall food experience was wonderful.  I'd like to look into the food and wine festival.  I know it would probably be crowded, but my Adam and I love tasting and trying different foods. 

We got to ride every ride we wanted to, especially Mt. Everest.  We ended up going to Universal which was awesome, especially the Harry Potter rides.  The only thing that I guess you could say "went wrong" was the transportation to Universal from Disney.  The day before we went to Universal, I had called Mears Taxi to see if they had a shuttle going to Universal Daily and the operator said yes and she gave me the times and that was the end of our conversation.  Well, apparently you have to book in advance and we found that out the morning we were set to go to Universal.  So, we had to pay somewhere close to $80 to get to and from Disney on a regular Taxi.  By taking a shuttle it would have been $36 for the both of us, so we were pretty upset about that.  The operator should have let me know I needed to make reservations, but she didn't so we felt like they sort of screwed us.  I know that's a long story, but that was really the only issue we had the whole trip.   

Thank you so much for helping us the day we got there.  The room and everything worked out and we did have a great view.  Well, I hope my feedback was helpful. We really can't thank you enough for helping us have our truely magical vacation!! 

-Kelli J



I received my packet for the Disney Cruise and I must say - I am impressed. your letter of advice and all the enclosed info is very helpful! I will never book another get away without your help! you are great- thank you for all the help and guidance... I always thought travel agents were for the rich and famous - but now I realize they are for the smart people who don't want to run in circles!

Thanks again - we are so looking forward to our worry free cruise in just a few weeks!

Emily W.


Ms. Louise.......

 The trip was even better than I had anticipated! Everything was PERFECT! The excursions were fun our tour guides were great and the food.... well lets just say I came home 9 ponds heavier!!!!!!!! Thanks soooooooo much. You are the best! 

Christie T


I've been meaning to email you and thank you for your help w/ our Disney vacation!!! Everything went great!  We had such a memorable and enjoying vacation and most of that was due to your booking our trip and dinner reservations!...I've already recommended you to a few friends and will continue to do so! 

Thanks so much!!! (By the way, my kids think 'Ms. Louise' is this awesome lady who helped to send us to Disney and sent us autograph books and towels in the mail!!! - they're right!) S. Recile

Hi Louise,
Please excuse me for not emailing you when we got back from vacation. My schedule has been out of control!
Our trip was wonderful. I hated the Cancun airport and was worried when we first arrived at the resort, they were so overly friendly that I was expecting them to try to sell us something. Dan said that he thought the pictures of the resort did not do it justice. Before we arrived we were hoping for the swim up or infinity pool rooms but I think the building that we were in, the beach fronts, were in a better location. Everyone on the resort was extremely pleasant. The vacation was by far the most relaxing vacation we’ve had, exactly what we needed.
Because we were only there a few days we opted not to do any excursions. We did upgrade our dinner on the beach to a lobster dinner, the food was fine but the setting was amazing. We were on the huts over the water where they do the massages during the day. It was so romantic; we were there for almost 3 hours and loved every minute.
Pam D
Key West was awesome!  The Ocean Key was fabulous.  I would never stay anywhere else.  We met up with some friends from the Baton Rouge area who were also down for the boat races.  They were jealous of our room.  They stayed in dorm-like rooms behind a bar.  We will definitely go back next November.  Ocean Key is highly recommended!!
Michelle T
The vacation (Disney World) you planned for us was wonderful.  I must say, I believe I enjoyed it as much as the kids!
Jenny F.
Thank you so much for helping me plan the amazing trip to Disney.  My family and I had the time of our lives!  We went to every park, met every character, went on as many rides as possible and ate amazing food!  It was everything we imagined it would be and we got such joy out of watching our little girls' faces light up!  My 5 year old daughter Taylor was so excited to meet the Disney Princesses and get them to sign her autograph book.  My 18 month old daughter Aubrie didn't know anything about Disney characters when we left Virginia , but after about 2 hours in Disney, she could spot Mickey Mouse from a mile away!  Nemo, Tigger, Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet quickly became favorites, too.
I've told everyone about this amazing trip GIVEN to me by Slumber Parties, and all I had to do was drive to the airport!  It was so relaxing to have everything taken care of and I really appreciate all your hard work. 

Courtney S




First, let me thank you for planning such a wonderful cruise for my sisters and I.  We had such a great time and absolutely loved the suites we all had --- it was amazing.  I know on any future cruises we will all have to get the suites.   We had such a great time.  Thank you so much.


Margaret E.



Just wanted to let you know that our trip was absolutely perfect...everything went exactly as planned!!! And the plan worked out pretty well, for the timing of the meals, shows, fireworks, etc. Although towards the end I got lots of grudges when breakfast was scheduled at 8 am again! But I thought it was great timing!

The girls thought Disneyworld was fabulous (and so did I) just never gets old! Although I am trying to already plan our next trip, Chase says we must wait a few years....but you never know! But don't worry, I already took notes of all the different restaurants, shows, etc I want to do.

After I go through the thousands of pics we have, I will send you one (if I ever remember to download off the computer!!)

Thanks again for all your help...I would have never been able to pull it off by myself!!!


Brandi H.
Hi Louise:
 Just wanted to report that our Royal Caribbean cruise went well. Everyone had a good time, including Barb’s mom. I am attaching a few pictures – one showing all of us on the last evening at dinner, one showing all but one family at one of the formal dinners, and one showing Barb’s mom taking advantage of the handicapped lift to get into one the pools (the staff who assisted said this was the first time they had used the unit!!).
Highlights of the trip included various Keffer family groupings winning prizes in three of the trivia contests during the week and the three Keffer adult male children combining with another cruiser from Brazil to beat the Liberty of the Seas crew in a soccer match on the last day.
Thanks again for all of your assistance.
Charlie K



You have done it again!  You aren't called "magical vacations" for nothing.  You worked so hard to find the perfect Sandals vacation for us for our wedding anniversary.  We will be referring all our friends and family to you for their travel needs.

Best regards,
Catherine and Warren


Hi Louise,
The Disney Vacation was awesome.  I don't know how we would have made it with out the meal package because the food was very expensive but it was very good.  My kids had a great time and I think my wife and I had more fun than they did.  Thanks for your help in making our trip a great experience and we look forward to returning to Disney soon. 
Marlon C.


Thank you soooo much for planning our trip!!!!! We had an excellent time!!! You made everything very easy for us!! I'll definitely call you for my next vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks, Debra

Have a Great Day!

Debra H.




Just a quick note to let you know that everything, and I do mean everything went off without a hitch. We had a wonderful experience and the weather was delightful. Hopefully, our paths will cross again for another adventurous trip. Thanks for all of your help and cooperation in the planning of our Big Apple experience. SR



Dear Louise:

We had an absolutely wonderful cruise this year.  Thank you so much for all your help to make it perfect for us!

Best regards,


Hi! just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Disney World. You did a great job in making our vacation a memorable event. Everything thing was perfectly planned and breakfast in Norway was fantastic.

The meal plan worked out well. And the Magical express worked out good also.

The grandbaby enjoyed it so much.

We went to Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney and it was horrible. The wait was a lot longer than they said and the service was horrible. We were so ready to get out of there.

But that was the only small disappointment. Everything else was great !!!! We hope to do it again in the future.

Thanks again,

Dee L

Thank you so very much for working with us for this cruise. It was great.
We had such fun with the other two couples joinging us who also celebrated belated anniversaries. The Dinsmores had 62nd, the Hopkins, 65, and us "kids" only had 50. That's 177 yrs of marriage around our dinner table every evening. The ship even threw an anniv party for everyone with 50+. There were probably 15 or so couples attending. But our friends (Hopkins) won the prize - a bottle of champaigne.
Thank you, too, for the bottle of wine we shared with the others one evening. What fun!!
We are looking forward to the next time we get to do something like this.
Blessings to you,
Hi Louise,
I apologize for taking this long to tell you - THANK YOU!  How was my vacation - MAGICAL - so much more than ever imagined.  My son Matt would aways talk about when he went to Disney.  He kept telling me I needed to see for myself because there are no words to describe.  I said "Matthew I'll never be able to go."  One evening Matt came to my home and told me that he and Audra were going back to Disney (They went on their honeymoon).  I said "how wonderful"!  He said and you're coming, too.  WOW  I did, along with Matt, Audra, Adam, Sherry, Jeff, Brooke, Brennan, Tara, Gene Gena, Lanie and Pete.  We are going back.  We talk about our trip constantly.  Thank you for all you did to make a Dream come true to Life for me and my Family.  God Bless You & Thank You!  Jean
P.S.  When we set our date to go back I will call you!  Thank you from my children and grandchildren!
Mrs. Louise,
Thank you so much for your help planning our Disney vacation.  It was such a relief to know that everything was already taken care of when we arrived.  Everything went very smoothly with the planning.  We had a GREAT time.  Thanks.
The Marler Family
Our vacation was awesome!! Thank you for all of your help.  The room was perfect and I loved the monorail (ha-ha).  No seriously, it was soooooo convenient.  I have to tell you this was one of my first vacations that everything went smoothly.  The kids had a blast.  My only complaint is they made me go on the Mount Everest Expedition in Animal Kingdom (ha-ha).  That scared the crap out of me but it was hysterical.  The dining plan worked out perfectly.  Thanks again and I’ll keep you in mind when planning our next trip.  
Mary P.


Kathy and I returned home this week from Ireland and we wanted to just drop you a simple note of thanks for all of your efforts in planning and coordinating our trip. We quite honestly had the "time of our lives!"

All of the arrangements you made worked just perfectly. Your professional acumen, attention to detail and insightful recommendations ensured Kathy and I enjoyed surprise free travel!

Thank you so much for a job done exceedingly well! We will be sure to consult with you when we plan our next trip to Ireland!

B/r Frank S.

We had an awesome time on our trip!!!  You have no idea how much I brag about you girl :)  All the meals were fabulous - you were absolutely right about the Coral Reef restaurant - LOVED IT.  Cinderella's Castle was beyond the best thing ever!!!  You'll have to check out all of my pictures on myspace.
This was definitely a trip of a lifetime!  The kids had a ball! (grown ups too).  The SCOOTER - girl - that was a LIFE SAVER!!!  We almost had to get one for mom by the time the week was over with!  Her toenail fell off half way through the week...they took turns on the long walks.  Talk about short cuts in lines and front row seats!  OMG!  My children got to visit with EVERY celebrity there!  My husband had a long conversation with Crush at Epcot after he asked my daughter who the Big Cahoona was.  It was hilarious! 
The Yacht Club was awesome.  The pool rocked!  I will say that we walked over to the Beach Club several times for food and saw that it had alot of activities going on in the lobby for the kids that would have been nice, the meal plan would have been more convenient at the Beach Club - the Yacht Club wasn't very accommodating when it came to snacks - so we walked ALOT - but the crowd at the Yacht Club was more appealing.  The Beach Club seemed a bit crowded.  Yacht Club was totally upperclass which I enjoyed - but the kids weren't quite as appreciative - they wanted to play at the Beach Club with the tribe of children in the lobby! :) 
We kept seeing buses going to and from the Animal Kingdom Resort which totally upset my kids.  They kept saying "it IS open!"  It didn't bother me though because I can only imagine going to the resort under construction and getting stuck in a room with a view of a bulldozer and no animals!  I just reminded them of that - every time we saw a bus!!!
The only disappointment my oldest daughter and husband really had was that the Haunted Mansion was closed. I'm not a ride person - so it didn't bother me - but you might let others know that it's under construction for improvements right now.
The boats that took you to the parks were so cool!  My son loved the ride.  It was really nice to be right next to Epcot as well.  I would never stay off Disney Property!!  When everyone else got tired, my oldest daughter and I stayed out until the park closed while my husband took his parents and the younger kids back to the hotel.  We also came back for naps daily and got cleaned back up for the evening!  It was perfect!!!
I will tell you that the meal plan was a bigger pain than I thought it would be.  I think we tried to over analyze how to get the most out of our money on the deal.  We knew we'd have more sit down meals than were allotted, so we tried to use it for the big ones!  The snacks were more limited than we had thought they would be at the hotel we were at.  Even at the restaurant at the Beach Club, you were only allowed certain meals and certain deserts on the plan.  The kids were a bit disappointed that they could have something other than a cookie or rice crispy treat for desert when there was a whole display of cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, etc.  We were afraid of using to many counter services and then ended up with some left over.  Another thing I was disappointed in was the limited options of foods at the Disney restaurants.  Breakfasts was always awesome....but lunch and dinner was very limited.  My husband didn't like ANYTHING that was served at Disney besides the franks he bought at Downtown Disney!  He was ready to pitch the dining plan and just pay full price so we wouldn't have to think about it!  I think we just totally overanalyzed it and turned it into a headache when it didn't have to be.  Lesson learned!
Speaking of Downtown Disney -you need to warn people that you could spend almost a whole day JUST at Downtown Disney!  That place is COOL!  Shop, shop and more shopping!  My son made his own Mr. Potato Head - my daughter made her own My Little Pony at the play stations.  Loved it!  The lego play area could have taken an hour all on it's own!
If we travel to Disney again, we'll definitely take a longer vacation.  5 days just doesn't cut it. The kids had a BLAST, but our next trip will be to some remote island where I can lay on the beach all day!  The kids would be very content playing in the sand sucking on ice cream cones!  Disney is one of those stimulation overload trips - you have to take it to say you did - we loved it - but I'm STILL hung over!!!  Next year, I'm thinking a quick, cheap trip to Sea World for the day (or Six Flags) in Texas (driving distance ; ) and then a nice long weekend with JUST my husband on the beach sipping pina coladas some place far, far away!!!!  Hee hee!
Well, I'm sure you hear all the details of your friends trips daily, so I'll shut up now!  :)  But I wanted to give you the highlights just in case you were taking notes for future customers!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  You have no idea how much you are appreciated!!!!
Jennifer B
Returned today from our cruise.  We had a wonderful time.  Embarkation was quick and smooth.  Debarkation was even smoother.  If you want to carry your luggage off the ship, that is exactly what you do - walk off the ship.  There is no "holding area" like on the Royal Caribbean. 
The cruise staff was outstanding.  Ship was clean.  Cabins were actually quite spacious - since the beds were separated there was more room to move around.  Breakfast was good.  We really enjoyed the variety of food at the lunch buffet.  I didn't like 2 of my dinners but the others were delicious especially the escargot & Chateaubriand with béarnaise sauce.  Entertainment was excellent. 
Excursions - we booked through an internet site called Island Marketing, LTD. 
  • In Grand Cayman we did the Stingray City Wave Runners Adventure which is located at the Grand Caymanian Resort, Seven Mile Beach.  It was nice because we were not in a crowd.  There were only 6 wave runners including the two the guides rode.  We fed the stingrays and played with them.  Then we went to a beach at Rum Point.  The ride back to the resort was a bit rough.  I feel off the wave runner but wasn't hurt.  We wished there was more time in Grand Cayman because we didn't have time to do anything else.
  • In Calica we went horseback riding on the beach and shopped on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen.
Attached are a few photos.
Thanks for all of your help in booking our cruise,
Linda, Joanne, Kristin, and Allison 




 Hi Louise,Just wanted to thank you for setting my neice up with her Diseny World trip.  Adam is so jazzed he can hardly wait.  He said he you set them up with some great dining choices.  I know they are going to have a great time. 

Leslie P.


I just wanted to thank you for all you help.  We had a great time.  I'll get with you later when we plan our next exciting trip.  Thanks again! 

Lisa W.

Hi Louise,

Kate and I returned last night after having a wonderful Disney vacation. Thanks so much for all you did to insure that we have a good time.

I will be sure to call you again for our next get away.




Thank you so much for helping us with our cruise!  We had a great time!  Looking forward to booking our next one with you.  See you soon.  Thanks
Trish & Hunter
Thank you, Thank you!  Thank you so much for making our trip a memorable one to Disney World!
We had a great time!  The wether was beautiful, sunny and hot.  We've finally got to meet "Goofy"!  He is my husband's favorite character. I enclosed a picture of us with Goofy.
The caribbean Beach Resort was wonderful.  Tita our hostess checked our baggage at the hotel for our return flight.  We just hopped onto the bus provided by Disney World as you mention to our son with our flight tickets all ready to go to the gate.  That was so easy!!
Oh!! Our room with the water view and pool was lovely, too.  I loved the room so much with its colorful bedspreads and drapes.  The Caribbean Beach Resort provided us with the hearing imparied devices for our room.  We appreciated that very much.  We really had a wonderful time!  And thank you for your warmest wishes for our birthdays.
Jessica K.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into organizing our reunion cruise!  We all had a blast!  It was so wonderufl seeing everyone again and meeting all of the new people.  Thank you!
Loren B.B.
Thanks for setting me up with the cruise.  It was a blast!
Best Regards,
Jeremy H.
Thanks you ever so kindly for a dram come true!  We loved our trip!  Had it not been for you the cruise would not have been so snsational!
Shannon O.
I have not forgot about you.  We had an absolute blast on our trip.  The girls were very surprised and thought this was "way cooler than a cell phone".  They didn't believe me at first until I told them how many people knew and that they were given excused absences from school, I don't think it sank in until about 2 hours later, when we were already at the airport hotel.  Every picture I have they have huge smiles on their faces, and the reason I have taken so long, is trying to work this damn computer to be able to send you some, but I have given up, so I thought I would write and let you know how great of a time we had.  The weather could have been better, we didn't get to go to CoCo Cay due to gale force winds, so we spent two days on Nassau, but we always found ways to entertain ourselves. The hotel idea was great and we had so much fun at Atlantis, it was our best weather day as well. I would truly love to send you a picture, so please email me your address(I have looked and cannot find it anywhere) and I will send them the old fashion way. 
Thank you so much for all of your help and patience, this was a trip my daughters will remember for the rest of their lives and you were a huge part in that. You have always been so helpful and I truly appreciate it.  I have given your email to a co-worker of mine who is attempting to plan her honeymoon, I thought you might be able to help her, I let her know how caring and wonderful you are.  Again thank you!!
Karen J.


We had a fabulous time on our cruise Louise!  Everything went perfect and the children and my in-laws loved it! 
I appreciate all the work you put into making our vacation smooth and flawless!!!  I will definitely brag about you to every Slumber Sister I meet!!!  You're an absolute DOLL!
I appreciate you!  Thank you and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Years!!
Jennifer B.
Louise, things have been crazy since we got back, so I don't even remember if I emailed you???
The trip was wonderful, we had a blast, the weather was great!!! Thanks for everything!!!
Have a Merry Christmas!!
Kim C.


Well now we are the expert of kids clubs.  I must tell you the Neverland Club is the BOMB.   The kids begged to go there.  Luckily we called and got another reservation on an night before your reservation too.  So when yours came up on Friday they were doing the happy dance that they got to go back.
That club is way big and way cooler than the other ones.  You have to hang your coat in Wendy's closet.  The only way to get in is this little opening into the house which is like a window they crawl through.  They had their own little cafeteria!  They had a ton of freestanding arcade games--one was spiderman.  They made the coolest crafts.
Anyway it was great.  We are exhausted.  hahahahahaha
Thanks for all you do!  Happy holidays and I hope Vegas was great!
We LOVED the contemporary and we LOVED the view of the Castle--great job!  That is two thumbs up--no freezing waiting for a monorail and no walking all over a complex to go to bed once your monorail pulls in.  I love it all self-contained like that!!!  We'll be back!  haha
Dana B.
I would like to thank you for talking care of everything for our cruise.  You made it very easy on us, and we had a blast.  We were also wondering if you could send us some information on the western carribean cruises.  We would like to do that cruise next year around the same time.  Thank you very much. 
Kyle & Alyssa F.

Hello, Louise. Thanks for the new email address.

BTW, our cruise was last week on the Sapphire Princess out of LA.

Fantastic cruise! Great ship and crew and the weather was beautiful

(about 84 and sunny in all three ports). Thanks for all your help!

--Paul S.


Louise: I never got a chance to say THANK YOU for everything. It was great!!! Glenn was sooo impressed and we had a blast!!! I look forward to booking through you in the future for EVERYTHING we do!!!


Cori H.


I apologize for taking soooo long in thanking you for the FANTASTIC cruise we took back in November.  From start to finish the traveling could not been any smoother. We appreciated all your efforts in making this a pleasant and enjoyable experience.  We're looking forward to hopefully another cruise in the not to distance future....

Thanks so much
look forward in working with you again.
Paul and Debra

Louise: Good morning. Wow what a great trip to Ireland. Your arrangements

could not have been better. Thank you for all your help.

Joe M.


Thanks for your help on my Chicago trip; it was awesome.  One perk you can brag about that is a block from a good jazz club and across from the Hilton where the Bears spend the night before games, and they come down into the lobby and greet fans through the evening.
Thanks for your help!
Sandi G.
Thank you so very much for all your help.  We had a wonderful time.  We just wish we could have stayed longer.  With all theweather worries, we didn't have a drop of rain.  We plan on going back & I promise I won't be as much trouble.  Thanks again!
Dawn & Dale G.
Dear Louise,
On behalf of Keleigh and me, I would like to say THANK YOU for all you did to provide a wonderful vacation that has memories that will surely last a lifetime.  All the time, effort, and extra work you put in to make this special experience is very much appreciated by all of us in the DiBuono household as I’m sure it is for everyone who went. Thank you, Louise. 
 Kenna D.
I just wanted to THANK YOU for helping make our vacation so much fun!  My husband had no idea what to expect and soon realized that our trip was just TOO SHORT and next time we needed MORE DAYS!  LOL  I tried to tell him we needed to stay the entire week but nooo, he thought 4 full days was enough. 
One thing we learned.............the meal plan is just too much food!  Good grief, we spent the entire time trying to figure out how we were going to get in all those meals!  Every single bite we put into our mouths was excellent, especially Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge.  It was plate licking good!  And, if anyone ever asks about the dress code at the lodge, it's CASUAL.  Our notice said "business casual" and that was NOT the case.  They wore the same clothes into that restaurant as they did to all the theme parks so no need to dress up for that restaurant!
Actually, I was surprised at how easy it was to maneuver around the park.  There didn't seem to be an unusually high number of people in the park which I found surprising.  The Fast Passes helped tremendously and all the other rides, we practically walked up to them and hopped on (Haunted Mansion & Pirates....Caribbean) 
The food was excellent and we ate waaaaaaaaaaay too much but we do know that we saved money by going that route. 

We loved the entire trip and will definitely let you know when we're ready to take another one!
Jan E.
The trip was wonderful! The weather was cooperative. We had rain one morning (which cleared up by noon). And 2 evenings with rain. Otherwise, it was beautiful. The room was nice, very clean and roomy. My husband fell in love with the shower and is making plans to redo the one at home. The beds were awfully hard which I hear is customary for all of the hotels in the area. Definitely no plush beds like the Hyatt...we were spoiled in that bed at the DFW airport. We learned on our way home (from another traveler at a different hotel) that you can ask for a plush topper to go on the bed (like those egg-crate tops). If the hotels have them, they will cushion-up your bed. The service was impeccable. The grounds - absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! We really felt like we were in paradise miles away from reality - hence the name Paraiso (spanish for paradise). We are VERY glad we picked that hotel vs. one in Playa itself. We drove through downtown Playa on the way back from the dolphin trip and it was too much of a city vs. an escape.
We went on two excursion...snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins. The snorkeling was great once my nerves calmed down. I was scared to death out there, so one of the tour guides stayed with me the entire time. I'm a nervous wreck in the ocean with fish around! But I overcame that knowing I was in good hands. The dolphin tour was very cool. The dolphin push was incredible! They feel so different than I thought. The prices were a bit higher than expected at $89 & $149 respectively.
Our only complaints...1) we thought run of the house meant we would be given the best room available meaning if they had a jr. suite open, we would get that for no additional charge. They did have one open but they were going to charge us $250. The only difference between that room and where we stayed - it had a molding making the seating area appear to stand apart from the bed area and it faced a bunch of dead trees on the beach. It was a beach front so to speak but no other difference. 2) The snorkeling was 30 minutes less than what we paid for. We were supposed to snorkel until 1 pm according to the sign and we were told he needed to bring us back by 12:30 which he we lost 30 minutes in the water. Then, we had to wait 1 1/2 hours for a bus and were not able to catch the earlier bus unless we paid extra to get on there. 3) We were shown a video of the dolphin swim where we could hold their fin as they pull us through the water. When we got there, we were told absolutely not. And we were told we could bring our waterproof camera to the dolphin tour and were again told no. Instead they monopolized the photography department by taking pictures and selling them at outrageous prices. Although we did buy 3 pictures, we had already spent a ton of money on this excursion.
Having never travelled like this before, we have learned some valuable lessons through our mistakes with the excursions...purchase them prior to leaving...they seem to charge more when at the resort. And we will also pick the type of room we want vs. getting luck of the draw with the run of the house.
Overall, we had an absolutely fabulous trip! We are already planning to return. We are going to look into the Paraiso Lindo which has the wave pool for the kids and the ability to go to the Paraiso Del Mar & Paraiso Beach hotels where we were not able to venture onto their property to check it out.
Should you have others as neurotic as me when deciding on a location in that word of advise is - if they really want to feel like they are away from it all - stay in the area in which we stayed - the Iberostar Resorts, Secrets Excellence or the El Dorado we heard great remarks about too. If they are wanting something in the heart of everything, where they leave the resort and are on the shopping streets, the Royal Porto Real & Gran Porto Real looked very nice!
I was so nervous not knowing what to expect. We are very pleased with our trip and have discovered what we really want and like in a vacation. Thank you SO much for everything you have done for us - my numerous calls, concerns and help in the decision making process. We are looking forward to our next trip!
p.s. Pictures are attached.


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